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A downloadable game for Windows

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Version: Pre-alpha build 1.0.0

The Knights Templar is no more. Betrayed and hunted down only 1 remains. Pick up your arms, for it is time to strike back, bring justice to those who dare step in your way. Battle crusaders, Giants, monsters from the egyptian mythology, skeleton armies and much more! Release your inner fury in this hack & slash game. This game is currently in pre-alpha release 1.0.0 . In the coming time new builds will be uploaded.
Next release: build: 1.0.1
-2 new levels
-1 new enemy
-Small optimilizations
To do list:
-Advanced melee combat
-Multiplayer (will be after release)
-Lots of maps
-Menu customizations
-Epic boss battles

If you have any ideas, tips, suggestions or comments, please email and share them. :)

More information

Published84 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorHendracle Interactive
TagsAction-Adventure, Fantasy, Medieval, Violent, War
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer


Get this game and 2 more for 1.00€ EUR
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i wish it was free my mom says i have spent to much money on gaems lately so i cant get it even for that price. :(

Its a bundle, 3 games for €1:00 , but dont be sad, there will be a period soon in which the game can be downloaded for free. :)

Stay tuned.

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Made an account in order to get this,

Pretty cool for just 50 cents, I think the graphics are pretty nice, and the environment is pretty detailed with cool stuff like spiked soldiers and carts and buildings, combat could be a bit better, but I think its pretty nice. So far player has access to mace, sword, halberd, crossbow and axe. I think that is a fairly nice arsenal. Also the seller says he will updat each week so next week I will come back and see :).

My expectations werent very high but overall im very happy with it :D. Great content for the price. Currently not a lot of levels but it has a cool boss battle.

Overall rating: 8/10 would buy again :p

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Thank you for your review =)

Your support is appreciated, please keep an eye on this page to stay tuned with updates.