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You were an elite soldier in the military, after being dishonorably discharged you chose crime. Destroy entire military bases, unlock tons of weapons, fight enormous amounts of enemies and discover a vast unique open world full of possibilities.


-Explore a vast world

-Raid military bases

-Plunder stores

-Attack civilians

-save game / load game

-Unlockables (new weapons can be found across the world.)

-Your actions will have effect! When you decide to go to the store to kill citizens, SWAT teams will be deployed to find you and kill you. Citizens will draw their firearms to kill you. Extra troops will be deployed in the city.

What happens if you die? If you die you will respawn at your shelter, you will be able to save as well, this is useful when doing missions, but also when playing around in the huge map.



Currently released:

Assault rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, pistol, uzi, ak-47, revolver & combat knife (secondary on assault rifle and ak-47).


To be implemented:


-Armed robbery

-More maps (currently there is a city map.)

-More weapons

-Terrain updates


-Much more:)

-Armed police forces arrive when firing your gun


Please note this game is in active development and the current version is the pre-alpha, expect some bugs here and there (currently no known bugs).


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1. no puedo descargarlo

It's no longer available for download, sorry for the inconvenience!

can i take over development of the game

Its a pretty small project, I dont think its worth taking over.

but any project is worth it

Normally I would agree, but this project isn't made with Unity or Unreal, it is made with GameGuru, if you haven't used it before I recommend against it, it's outdated and it takes time to know what it can and can't do. All the mechanics are default, the only 'unique' thing about the game is the map. If I were you i'd totally get GameGuru if you want to learn about game development, it's okay for that. Yes, you can publish games, I am working on 1 right now, but this project is not worth taking over, there is a reason I prevent people from downloading it, the performance is really reallyyyy bad. I should have split the map in segments but I didn't. The results are a terribly optimized map that takes ages to load, You'd learn way more just checking out GameGuru and modifying it's scripts, etc. There is a discord community that can help you with everything, if you decide to use it, let me know, ill add you on steam and explain the basics.

I've never used gameguru. I have used unity and unreal engine but I think I could check out gameguru but not right now maybe when I'm ready to check it out I'll talk to you about it but not right now .

Where is the download link?

I have closed the download because there were major performance issues and loading times, feel free to download other games though :)

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

where is the download link?

This project can no longer be downloaded. Sorry if this caused any inconvenience.

add vehicles

I fear I am no longer working on this project.

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I want to thank everyone for taking the time to preview or play this game, this project will no longer be downloadable due to the extreme loading times.

Thank you all for your support!

Kind regards,

Hendracle Interactive.


the game won't download. I am using the Itch.io app and when i click install it brings up 2 things. the download for the actuall game and a download for the game key. When i click the download for the actuall game it looks like its gonna work but then just doesn't...

please ignore the actual game link, use the link in the txt file instead, it will guide you to a dropbox file, sorry for the inconvenience. I shall remove the first link as it does not work propely.

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It looks like JC2 but without the grapple and parachute

edit: Evreytime i try to install it makes me install it agian and its endless...

What do you mean, the file doesnt have an installer. You have to right click the file and extract it. Then you will get a folder with the .exe file, ignore or delete the kopie/copy and the corrupted one, i used them doe testing but i forgot to remove them.

Hey there! this looks like a cool game but the download is down, just an FYI

(I would seriously love to play this)

sorry to hear that, it should work, please also try the activation_key.txt file as this one might work. Il take a look at it when i get home.

the product key download is working, the game download is still down though ...


Please use this link, if it does not work I will reupload it on a different program (currently using dropbox).


that download link is working! I will post some feedback after i play for a bit

Okay, have fun, apologies for the loading times, I will work on trying to fix those,

have a nice day

The download stops about at a quater. :( I'd love to play it.

that is on your end, please try checking your internet or wifi connection. If this does not work please let me know.

Deleted post

---This game is now free to download---

Any people who have purchased the game will receive keys for our other titles.

We're sorry if this caused any inconvenience.

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---An issue where the download link would expire has been fixed. apologies for any inconvenience caused. ---

For some reason i can't get the game to load past 70%


The first load takes longer then usual, try waiting a maximum of 10 minutes, it should jump all the way up when it is done because the map is being loaded at that moment. I hope this helps you out.


if you still have problems please let me know. I will try to fix any problems as soon as possible. Please be patient first and it should load.